Trak-It and Trak-It Plus©


Trak-It and Trak-It Plus are eloquent, reliable add-on modules to your Classic System that address your specimen storage needs.

Soft Solutions has developed a fully integrated specimen management system that provides precise accountability of your stored specimens.     The Trak-It family of storage systems allow for the placement and removal of specimens in a virtual rack schema that reflect the physical storage racks.   Trak-It systems are designed to wrap around the laboratory workflow with minimal interference.   We can proudly state that these systems have processed tens of millions specimens without fail!  Here is why Trak-It is a must have for your laboratory:

  • Provides patient and specimen demographics in look-up functions

  • Trak-It captures the who, when and where as a specimen is added to, removed, or when a rack is placed in storage

  • Specimen inquiries may be initiated by either the specimen or rack ID

  • Since Trak-It  uses your PO file for demographics,  the maximum retention time is dependent on your purge criteria

  • Trak-It Plus offers the option of an audible and visible screen alert if a specimen is placed into a rack  when there are open, unverified procedures associated with that specimen.  Trak-It flags and identifies these procedures

  • Cytology, Transfusion Services and Urology are also supported within the Trak-It family

  • Trak-It is scalable from 1 to 99 laboratories/hospitals.  With Soft Solutions unique cross-institutional logic, you may inquire across your laboratories for that needed specimen    

  • User training typically takes 5 minutes.  It's that user friendly