Integrity Labels

Are you worried about the impact that 'pick and click' label generation systems may have on your quality standards?   There are several fine stand-alone label generation systems on the market today,  but without a validated interface from your Blood Bank application, your end product is only as good as your label verification mechanism.   Soft Solutions is proud to announce that we have developed an integrated,  but still a 'stand-alone' class  ISBT 128 label generator that utilizes your existing blood inventory files as the source of product validation.    This translates to a fully verified label upon generation.   No DIN-to-blood type errors.  We can work with your staff to develop a system that provides the safety and ease of use you desire.   You must have a current ICCBBA registration to produce ISBT 128 labels.


  • Provides 2 levels of internal Blood Type to Donor ID Number (DIN) verification/validation

  • ISBT Product Codes are cross-referenced to your Classic product codes to provide for ease of use and familiarity

  • We produce full face labels as well as any part of the 4 label quadrants

  • No system impact.  This is an efficient read-only system that utilizes your product demographics to produce labels

  • Each primary product class has it's own menu pathway to simplify label creation.  Pooled/Divided/Thawed, etc

  • Our label system is designed specifically to your blood bank workflow.

  • User tools for adding and deleting products.  

  • Our staff will work with your Blood Bank staff to learn your process and products and to translate them to ISBT128 specifications.  We have built over 3000 different products to date.